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Estate Planning & Probate Law

Wills, Trusts, and Estates: We are here to support you with smart estate planning and probate matters

With smart estate planning you not only protect your assets after your passing, but you will also shield your heirs’ financial security and well-being . Seeking support in probate matter or estate planning services from our Estate Planning law firm ensures that all your estate planning documents are valid, filed properly and able to withstand challenges.

It is important that your estate planning documents comply with state regulations. Bob Odle is a Colorado Estate Planning Attorney who stays up-to-date with all changes in these laws. He has helped many clients create ideal estate planning documents, wills and trusts in Colorado. He understands the complex probate system and is available as needed to administrators and others who are dealing with probate issues.

Estate Planning

Every adult should have some type of estate plan in place, no matter what the size of their estate. This keeps the tax bite to a minimum and gives you peace of mind that your estate will be handled in the manner you choose. At Odle Law LLC, clients get the first class treatment they deserve. Attorney Robert P. Odle has the experience and skill to put his clients on the right legal course to achieve their goals.

Estate planning documents like wills and trusts are excellent vehicles for transmitting property and assets to your heirs. These plans also are useful in case you ever are incapacitated for any time. Without a valid will, your estate will move on into probate, where a judge will appoint someone to administer or manage your estate. It is unlikely that their decisions are in line with your wishes.


At Odle Law LLC, we handle all types of probate proceeding, which is often required in the administration of an estate. Our probate attorney consults with our clients to guide them through the probate process and to explain their options when it comes to distributing assets.

Attorney Bob Odle is an experienced probate lawyer who can advise you and your family on whether probate proceedings are required and which type of probate proceeding is optimal. He has the necessary experience to guide you through the probate process, helping to explain your options and weigh the pros and cons of your decision. Bob Odle understands that each client’s situation is unique. That is why he is committed to providing his clients with high-quality legal advice and personalized attention.

Probate and Personal Representatives

If you have been designated in a will as a personal representative, the burden of administering the estate falls to you, should you choose to accept that responsibility. At Odle Law LLC, our probate attorneys have experience with guiding clients through the estate administration process. This process involves gathering and valuing all assets of the estate, settling debts and liabilities, and finally, distributing the remainder as designated in the will. Depending on the assets involved, this process may require probate proceedings.

From disputes to wills, our Colorado Estate Planning Attorney is here for you

At Odle Law, LLC, we stick to the motto “We are for YOU!” when working with clients on estate planning and probate matters. Determining what you want and how to set down a legal plan of action to achieve your goals is foremost at every estate planning meeting. Bob Odle’s goal as an estate planning and probate attorney is to offer to clients from El Paso County, Pueblo County, Fremont County and Denver top-notch legal services with a caring touch.

No matter if you are involved in a probate proceeding or simply want to outline your wishes for your estate in a will, contact our Colorado Springs office today.

Contact us now for an initial appointment today to discuss your probate and estate planning needs – call (719) 559-4099.

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