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Odle Law is your Colorado Civil Law partner

Whether you’re having a legal dispute with your neighbors, your landlord or a company that failed to deliver what it promised, Odle Law LLC has an experienced civil litigation attorney in the Colorado Springs area.

Civil law is one of attorney Bob Odle’s specialties, and it involves a legal dispute that is non-criminal in nature. Although civil disputes may not involve criminal behavior, they often involve unsavory behavior that demands restitution. Restitution may come in the form of monetary damages or the performance of services or delivery of products that were never rendered.

No matter what’s the case, we make sure that your civil law matter is dealt with swiftly and to your full satisfaction.

Colorado Civil Litigation Lawyer Bob Odle

As a Colorado civil litigation attorney, Bob Odle has a deep knowledge of the intricate state laws and processes involved in civil cases. Sometimes a civil dispute can be resolved before it even makes it to court, while others may wend their way through the judicial system for months or even years.

Civil litigation may involve seven distinct stages, although not every lawsuit goes through all seven. The suit typically begins with an investigation phase and ends with a settlement or appeal. Additional stages in the process may include pleadings, discovery, pre-trial and trial.

Odle Law LLC: ‘We are for you’

Bob Odle remains with you every step of the way, providing not only the expertise but also the compassion required during an often stressful situation.

With the motto of “We are for you,” Odle Law LLC is particularly skilled at standing up for the rights of the individual, especially those who may seem overwhelmed by the system.

Bob Odle’s work as a civil litigation lawyer, covering a wide range of issues, from personal injury to real estate, from product liability to medical malpractice.

Colorado Civil Litigation Attorney Bob Odle is on your side.


Contact the law office of Odle Law, LLC, to discuss your civil litigation case. Call now at (719) 559-4099.

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