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If you have any experience with the law, the courts, the “system,” you know that even the smallest detail can make a huge difference in how you should proceed. Therefore, if you have a pending legal matter, you should seek competent, professional assistance immediately, especially if there are upcoming court dates involved in your case.

We are glad to help; however, we are not establishing a client-attorney relationship with you merely by posting information on this website. To establish that relationship, you need to come in, sit down, and discuss your circumstances with us. Once we reach an understanding, any client-attorney relationship we form will need to be expressed in writing.
We offer information on this website as a public service. Obviously we think that at least some of the information is worth sharing; however, please use common sense and discretion when y ou use it. And please know that you use it at your own risk.

Some links within this website lead to other sites. Odle Law does not necessarily sponsor, endorse, or approve of all the material contained in those sites. Again, use common sense and discretion when visiting those sites.

In the global community made available by the internet, chances are this website is reaching into jurisdictions in which we are not authorized to practice law (Robert P. Odle is licensed in California, Texas, and Colorado). Therefore, nothing in this website should be construed as advertising for or offering to represent clients in states or jurisdictions in which we are not licensed to practice or in which this website fails to comply with all laws and ethical rules.

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