Questions to ask your lawyer after a DUI arrest

A conviction for driving under the influence can have a lasting impact on your life and requires immediate attention. If you have been recently charged with a DUI or DWAI, it is important to quickly learn about these charges and follow through with the appropriate actions. Similarly, it is important to find an attorney who is familiar with DUI (driving under the influence) & DWAI (driving while ability impaired) defense. Here are a few questions we recommend asking your attorney before choosing them to represent you in a court of law.

  1. Do you have a background in DUI/DWAI defense?

It is important to find an attorney who not only specializes in criminal defense, but one who has a background of DUI/DWAI defenses as well. As you interview your lawyer, become familiar with their education, case records, and experience. While time is of the essence in DUI cases, it is still important to choose the lawyer you want to represent you carefully.

  1. What is your track record in winning cases?

Out of courtesy, many clients believe it is rude to ask a lawyer about their track record in winning cases. However, it is important to understand your lawyer’s background. Asking your lawyer this question may shed new light on their experience with plea bargains and acquittals, information you would not otherwise know without asking.

  1. How strong is my case? What are the best and worst outcomes possible?

Understanding the realistic outcomes of your case is incredibly important to understanding the direction your lawyer will want to go with the case and what he or she believes is a viable outcome. When consulting with your lawyer for the first time, the majority of the meeting should be dedicated to discussing the nuances of your particular situation.

  1. Are you familiar with the court in which I will be tried?

Finding a lawyer who is familiar with the local court systems and judges is invaluable. Jurisdictions often have multiple judges and varying policies, so it is important to find a lawyer who understands the policies and judge’s preferences in the court where you will be tried.

  1. How much will it cost?

Be sure to ask specific questions regarding the lawyer’s pricing system. When you walk away from your initial meeting, you should understand if they charge by the hour or with a flat rate, as well as any additional fees that may arise and extra costs associated to the case. If you’re unable to afford the cost upfront, ask about payment plan options.

Choosing a lawyer to represent you in court does not need to be a stressful decision. Take the time to understand your case and the services your lawyer can offer before making your final decision. Once you have decided on a DUI attorney, you will be able to proceed with your hearings knowing that you are being represented well by an expert.


Colorado Springs DUI Attorney

If you have recently been convicted with a DUI/DWAI, DUI Attorney Bob Odle knows the Colorado drunk driving laws that apply to alcohol-related offenses and fights for his clients’ rights. Contact the law office of Odle Law, LLC, to discuss your Colorado DUI or DWAI case. Call now at (719) 559-4099.

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